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All our karts are built by our professional in-house mechanics, no hidden costs.

BERG Rally DRT Green


The Go Kart for children from 4 - 12 years of age.  This compact Go Kart will be great around town.  Super attractive front spoiler, rims and pneumatic tyres for a comfy ride.  Easy to adjust seat and great off-road looks.  It is not just a strong sturdy go kart but it is packed full of clever features as well that help to set it aside from the compition.


  • Installation service - limited by postcode and may take longer to deliver so please call us before ordering if it is time critical.


BFR Sytem

BFR stand for Brake Freewheel.  The unique BERG BFR drive system allows you to pedal forward, brake by simply adding a little bit of back pressure to the pedals come to a stop and then continue forward or backwards. The BFR system will also allow you to coast along without the pedals spinning around and bumping your ankles.  Kettler go karts have a lever that you have to engage manualy to freewheel however the pedals will not act as the brake like on the BERG Buddy Go Kart.


Comfortable driving

Comfort is at the forefront with pneumatic tyres and a swing axle. Easy from forward to reverse with BFR. A parking brake for safe stopping. The adjustable seat ensures that the Rally will grow with you for years.


Adjustable Seat

The easily adjustable seat means that you will have years of pedaling fun as you grow.


Always Stable

The swing axle means that all 4 wheels will remain on the grond even when you are on an uneven surface.



You can let everyone know that you are on the move with the optional sound box on the Rally NRG orange.  The Rally's APX Blue, DRT Green, Cherokee, APX Red BFR-3 and DRT Yellow BFR-3 have a SoundBox Race on board with four different racing sounds as standard.


With the Rally’s, you have something to choose from. Tough or fast in plenty of colors. Whichever Rally go-kart you choose, they are always fast and comfortable.

As fast as you grow, the Rally grows with you. Each version has attractive specifications, whether you want to race on the road or prefer a dirt track. With the different Rally’s, you will find cool LED lights and indicators, a sound box or off-road springs, among other things. Which one suits you?

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